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How to Tell a Fake GeekVape Aegis Nano Replacement Pod

Disposable vapes are the ideal devices for vapers who are looking to step up their vaping experiences without the hassle of maintaining or refilling. And an exciting way to take your vaping and cloud production to a whole new level, especially if you use the GeekVape Aegis Nano Pods, is the GeekVape Aegis Nano Replacement Pods

It is so easy to get your hand on the GeekVape Nano Replacement Pods as well as any other disposable vapes. Just go online, and you can start vaping in less than an hour (depending on the delivery time). 

However, the fact that this coil and other disposable vapes are so easy to get has left room open for piracy and counterfeiting. It is now easy for unsuspecting consumers to buy a fake and end up harming themselves. These look-alikes are usually made by some amateur workers in an unsterile condition, looking to make a profit from reputable brands by faking their products.

This action is not limited to some random dude somewhere working from his garage. Some shady manufacturers in the name of making a profit are indulging in this practice. They fill up the disposables with substandard or expired e-juices. The FDA has banned some vapes because of counterfeit products which found their way into the hands of consumers.

According to the FDA, over 2.5% of the vapes in the US are fake or counterfeit. This is a very large number. So, in this article, you will learn how to spot a fake disposable so you can get the best vape device. in addition, you will learn the harm that these vapes causes, and why you must keep your eyes on the lookout for the original. Finally, you will learn where to get original GeekVape Aegis Nano Replacement Pods and other disposable vapes. 

Are Fake GeekVape Aegis Nano Replacement Pods Harmful?

Before any disposable vape or its accessories are released for use by the general public, there are loads of tests that are carried out. However, fake vapes look like cheap imitations and do not carry out any tests. In most cases, these guys cheat on the ingredients, and because they use the same packaging as original stores, you are none the wiser. 

There are two dangers of buying fake disposable vapes. The first danger is the e-liquid. Because these shady guys use cheap ingredients or expired e-juices, you run the risk of damaging your vital organs.

Secondly, there is the risk of a battery explosion. If you Google the word “vape battery explosion” you will get over 2 million results. This means that there is a real danger of your vape battery exploding in your hand and causing you serious body damage.

So, how do you spot fake GeekVape Aegis nano Replacement Pod?

  1. Too Cheap

The first way is the price. Most fake disposables are sold very cheaply, in the name of trying to get quick customers. So, if you see a cheap vape, and in your heart, the price feels too good to be true, then it probably is.

  1. No Codes

The biggest and best vape manufacturers put measures in place for you to identify a real vape from a fake one, and that is a serial number or QR code. If the vape in your hand doesn’t contain any of these, then you have a fake vape with you.

How to Avoid Fake Replacement Pods

There are four ways you can avoid buying fake vapes that will cause you bodily harm. these are;

  • Check the Store’s Authenticity
  • Compare the price with other stores
  • Don’t buy from personal buyers
  • Buy from vape brand sites or recognized partners.

Where Can I Buy a GeekVape Aegis Nano Replacement Pod?

At Raven Route, you get quality Disposable vape and e-juices that take your cloud production and vaping journey to another level. It doesn’t matter where you are on your vaping journey, whether you just quit smoking or you are a fire-breathing smoker. Raven Route has got you covered. Visit Raven Route to take your pick today. 


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