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NKD 100 Max Vs Hyppe Max Air – Which Is A Better Choice?

You probably already know that new vaping gadgets are released every day if you’re familiar with the practice. Some of them find it difficult to emotionally relate to people, but others do. The purpose of a vaping device is to gratify your mind and soul in addition to giving you a rush of strong nicotine vapors. Despite the abundance of readily available commodities, there are always needs that cannot be met by them alone. 

But everything is currently turned entirely upside down. Some vaporizers are suitable for both cigarette smokers who smoke frequently and vape lovers. A few such disposables that we’re happy to bring to you today are the NKD 100 Max and Hyppe Max Air. These are cutting-edge vaping gadgets with several powerful capabilities, eye-catching designs, and mouthwatering flavors. Without giving it a second thought, you will fall in love with the gadget. So let’s go on!

The NKD 100 Max Introduction

The customer-focused company Naked 100 is renowned for its superior research and inventive e-juice designs, which have supported the brand’s rise to success in the vaping products and e-juice industries. The company has revealed its newest product, the disposable NKD 100 Max, in keeping with its tradition of excellence in performance, fulfillment, and e-juice quality.

The NKD 100 Max offers some of the greatest e-juice you’ve ever tasted, much like the other vapes in the NKD line. The covert and small NKD 100 Max disposable is designed to go into your pocket, but it can also be tucked into your hand or breast pocket.

The mouthpiece on the NKD 100 Max Disposable is lip-synchronized and draw-activated. This suggests that using a vape pen is easy and comfortable. Eight meticulously crafted flavor profiles are present on each device, and they have all been clearly recognized thanks to a special feature that other companies appear to have overlooked: a color code. Because the Naked 100 Max features a coil with a resistance of 1.2 ohms, 5% salt content, and nicotine, it cannot be used with sub-ohm tank systems. The juice is designed to operate with low-wattage pod devices.

This demonstrates your enjoyment of each pull and the peak condition of the cloud it creates. The NKD 100 Max disposable features a 10mL e-juice capacity and a 500mAh pre-charged battery enough for roughly 4500 puffs, among other things.

The Hyppe Max Air Introduction

Like the other vapes in the Hyppe range, the Hyppe Max Air Disposable comes with some of the best e-juice you’ve ever tasted. The Hyppe Max Air is a fantastic device with an impeccable design. The discrete and compact Hyppe Max Air disposable can fit in your breast pocket, pocket, or hand. It is also compact and lightweight.

The Hyppe Max Air’s mouthpiece is draw-activated and lip-synchronized. This implies that vaping is simple and relaxing. One distinguishing feature of this ready-to-vape product that other firms seem to have overlooked is the LED technology component. To indicate that the tool is being used and that there is still some energy in the tank, the light turns on when you draw.

Because the Hyppe Max Air has a robust mesh coil and 5% salt nicotine, it is not recommended for use with sub-ohm tank systems. The juice is designed to work with low-wattage pod gadgets. This demonstrates how much you value every draw and the best cloud it can create. However, the Hyppe Max Air disposable has more to offer than just a 650mAh pre-charged battery and a 10mL e-juice capacity. This implies that a collection of vaporizers, of which this one-use vape is a member, are durable, ongoing vaporizers.

Summing Up

If you are still confused between NKD 100 Max Vs Hyppe Max Air things then don’t be. Both disposables have their own qualities and set of flavors that will definitely take you to another world. They have developed into a significant participant in the e-juice and vaping equipment markets as a consequence of their great research and e-liquid innovation, both of which place a heavy emphasis on their clients. These have launched their newest goods in keeping with their track record of excellence in performance, fulfillment, and e-juice quality.


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